Dec 242013

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  20 Responses to “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Production Blog #11 (2013) HD”

  1. legalos’s laugh was funny! i wish i was there watching them make it D:

  2. 09:07… I liked that track… I want the title :) 

  3. Evangeline Lilly… Wowzaz!

  4. Anyone notice that he doesn’t wear a wedding ring on the blogs for the new

  5. Orlando BOOM!

  6. I LOVE LEGALOS!! o oi

  7. Legolas is so funny :D D

  8. 4:35 its ”Anders” from almighty Johnsons

  9. It’s with Peter Jackson’s films LOTR and The Hobbit when you realise that a
    film also gives job to technicians among other skilled people.

  10. anyone knows whats he’s drinking all the time :D hes allways holding a cup

  11. To be honest the behind the scenes look way more interesting to watch than
    the movie trailers because the guys look like they’re having so much fun
    and makes me wish I was there!

  12. hobbit will never be as interesting as lord of the rings :P its just to
    much greencover and bad actor like its kinda make me sad

  13. peter jackson gained back some weight i see, he could do well to play a

  14. 9:05 JESUS!! That scared the sheet out of me, I hope they don’t put that in
    the movie.

  15. when I saw the movie in HFR it seemed odd, like it was ever so slightly
    faster paced dont get me wrong I loved the movie it was amazing but the HFR
    will take some getting used to

  16. i have seen it fantastic this will get a Oscar 

  17. he looks like the guy that plays Mary

  18. the 3e hobbit?

  19. I wonder which of the myriad comicons he’s talking about.

  20. I think at the workout scene I lost my shit and started laughing so hard I
    cried. I love this cast.