Dec 242013

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Dec 222013

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Dec 212013

How To Create A Website Using WordPress: The Beginner’s Blueprint for Building a Professional Website in 3 Easy Steps (Plus 40+ Premium WordPress Video Tutorials)

How To Create A Website Using WordPress: The Beginner's Blueprint for Building a Professional Website in 3 Easy Steps (Plus 40+ Premium WordPress Video Tutorials)

Building A Website Has Never Been This EasyLearn how to set up a website that meets your exact needs in 3 EASY STEPS + FREE ACCESS to 40 Premium WordPress Video Tutorials Just a few years ago, I could barely update my Facebook page; today I can build anything from an e-commerce website that sells products across the globe to a membership website for gardening enthusiasts. You name it, I can build it. And guess what? You can too. You will be able to build any type of website imaginable, and this


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Dec 172013

A few nice blog for money images I found:

Greenboy by Patrick (FBC Tamatave)
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Image by foko_madagascar
Now, lot of children are going to beg on the street for the christmas and the new year party. But this guy is different from the others. Instead of going to beg, he’s using his talent for fetching money

The “Capitalism is for the rich” sign that upset BART spinster Sam Singer isn’t a union sign
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Image by Steve Rhodes
It is a Freedom Socialist Party sign

View large if you don’t want to take my word for it

Update: Singer says it was a different union sign (though it might have been hand written like this one

(unlike Mr. Singer, the unions can’t carefully control their message – though he does get surprisingly sloppy on twitter – anyone can show up to a rally in a public space)

#BARTStrike: Union sign on news reads: "Capitalism is for the Rich." We know the ATU and SEIU are Out of Touch, but are they stupid?

And the wealthy Singer is pretty stupid to accuse the unions of being out of touch.

Update: he responds

@samsinger: @tigerbeat @SFBART: I work for my money, no one’s upset about that…thanks.

(I have a feeling if there were stories on how much he has been paid by BART since at least 2001, people would be angry)

The very same people who are angered by his spin on BART worker salaries (though they probably aren’t aware they haven’t had a raise in 5 years and actually gave back 0 million to BART) probably would be angry if they learned the total BART has paid Singer since at least 2001

Back in 2001, his rate was to 0 an hour (adjusted for inflation, far more than BART workers)…

There was a ,000 payment in 2005 (and he may have been more after that)…

He was paid ,000 a month to help spin the BART negotiations in 2009 (see last item)…

Also see…

Though BART’s on air talking head this time has been Rick Rice (how much are they paying him?)

And what is Linton Johnson doing these days? He was making 0,000 a year in 2011

And then there is BART management spending (which they don’t track digitally yet)…

I do imagine Singer gets paid more by Chevron:

Some of Singer’s recommendations didn’t fly. For example, he suggested portraying Ecuador as “the next major threat to America.” But the company took much of his advice to heart.…

He also defends the all male Bohemian Grove…

A 2008 profile of Singer…

Were Hearts Created For The Breaking? Was Love Created For The Making? Her Style Isn’t The Only Thing She’s Faking. His Money Is The Only Thing She’s Taking.
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Image by that guy named Rob

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