Jan 152014

Blog Forum Gdańsk 2013, Keynote Krzysztofa Kanciarza

Keynote Krzysztofa Kanciarza, guru marketingu i blogów, podczas konferencji Blog Forum Gdańsk 2013.
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Since having a fashion blog. I frequently get asked questions about how did I get started and if I have any tips. Well this video is for you ;-) Like My New …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Trąci szkolnym apelem

  2. Segritta <3

  3. nie ma to jak udawać pana śp Jobsa :) 

  4. #kiedyakademiapieniadza 

  5. 09:28 A GIL Z NOSA WISI xD

  6. Oscar goes to…

  7. Hahaha kanciarz !

  8. Bląger, bląger, blągosfera :D 

  9. tak jak steve jobs

  10. jebłem xD

  11. Ja pierdole

  12. śmiechłem :D 

  13. hahahaha :) 

  14. genialne :D 

  15. #kiedyzapytajbeczke

  16. #KiedyZpytajBeczke?

  17. 150 osobozłotych :) 

  18. Great tips!

  19. Loved the video! I can’t wait to see you again:-)

  20. Thank you for this video! :)
    Im in the process of planning some blog topics. :) 

  21. sooo helpful! I’ve been thinking about started up my blog again so this was
    perfect! <3

  22. This was very helpful. I’ve been blogging for a while but don’t really have
    a lot of followers. I never stress about it bc it was an outlet. Now I see
    how blogging helps my career so putting myself out more and meeting more
    bloggers has really help. Thanks for the tips. It has been helpful. 

  23. This was great!! I really appreciate this. I just started my blog in Feb. I
    will def follow you on social media. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  24. Good Stuff!! I love the segment on consistency. 

  25. Thank you! Very helpful….

  26. Wow this is so helpful, Thanks for the tips and tricks.
    I’m a fashion girl from the Netherlands and running a styling company for
    artist called Fashion4Stage. Now I only got a campaign of our latest
    collection on youtube but also wanna start my video blog. Telling the fans
    about our newest collections and my styling work and gonna do some
    interviews with dutch artist. Can’t wait to start! And again your tips will
    be very helpful! 

  27. Hello OnTheQTrain I want to say thanks for the advice. I enjoyed your tips
    that was on your video. I have a question I would like to start a new
    fashion blog but I’m stuck… I dont know where to start as far as where do
    I get template and do I need a domain name? As you can tell I need a little
    help. Please advise if you can Thanks DJ 

  28. Thanks for sharing. Appreciates. 

  29. very helpful, thank you

  30. So now I feel bad about my last comment on your other video please delete
    if you can. I enjoyed this video thanks for informing me with understanding
    about being a blogger and the significance behind it. Keep on influencing
    todays generation and tomorrows upcoming plus size ladies who want their
    voice to be heard. Good night!

  31. Thx so much for this! Wow right on time b/c I finally started a style blog
    I’ve been wanting to do for years. These tips will definitely help me to be
    successful. Is it bad I post everyday? Lol I’m just sooped lol. I’d love if
    you could stop by and take a look http://www.stylisle.blogspot.com. You’ve got a
    new subbie :0)

  32. Great points thanks for sharing boo!! 

  33. Great tips!!!

  34. Great video! Very good helpful tips!!! 

  35. Does a blog have to be about fashion?