Feb 182014

Social media case study: How blogging is paying off for one Md. advisor firm
“It (the blog) was really at the request of our clients,” Collins said. “We'd been sharing investment and market-related information internally for years. But we learned through discussions with clients and advisory boards that they were interested in …
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Stop Pinging, Start Blogging
I know there are questions to be tackled: How can I go about blogging? There are too many bloggers already, what else is there to be written? Is blogging not sheer waste of time? Will I get paid? What if nobody reads me? I can't string words together?
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Will Wilkinson on the lost days of personal blogging
A personal blog, a blog that is really your own, and not a channel of the The Daily Beast or Forbes or The Washington Post or what have you, is an iterated game with the purity of non-commercial social intercourse. The difference between hanging out …
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