Mar 162014

I love blogging!! and I think everyone should have a blog – they’re awesome. Here’s a quick run-through of how to start a blog (on Blogger) and the basics of… In this video, I show you how to make a website using WordPress from start to finish and do not skip any steps whatsoever. I also s…


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  1. thanks so much ,great video,I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A BLOG, IWILL GET YOUR

  2. Hello everyone i need your help if i create photo blog and get adsuns after
    this can i post links in facebook groups??? and any other suggestions


    I finally created my first blog

  4. Hi everyone checkout my new blog my link is below

  5. Thank you, very informative tutorial

  6. on blogger, they should have a built-in gadget that you can choose where
    you can list your favorite sites you read. check the list within blogger
    and hopefully you won’t get an error.

  7. hi mandy, nice blog for crafts (and monetizing, too!), am thinking of
    textile chess version. cheers, thanks for the great ideas you post in your
    blogsite. my blogsite for my kids to learn phil
    equity investment.

  8. Can you send me a more complete explanation on how to add a gadget? I’m
    trying to add my own gadgets, by “entering the URL for a gadget that you
    want to add to your blog”, to show my readers different websites I frequent
    and I keep getting the error message: “We are sorry, this gadget appears to
    be broken. This gadget has errors, and cannot be used until fixed. Learn
    more”. It’s very frustrating and I have no idea why it’s not working. Can
    you help?

  9. how long does the title need to be, because when I go and make it, and go
    choose the Templates! it does not create it!!

  10. Very helpful video thanks for sharing.

  11. This is good and all but on the child theme I have chosen to use for my
    website, many things do not work this way. I am using Divi from Elegant
    Themes. I have created 1 post so far and 4 pages. But when I click on
    Appearance, Menus, there are no Pages listed. As a newbie, I have no idea

  12. will you make a tutorial on the new X theme?????

  13. This was so helpful! How do you put the contact page in the footer? I don’t
    want it at the top of my site

  14. Love your vids man

  15. I actually started watching to answer a couple of questions, and wound up
    watching the whole vid twice. i am so looking forward to How to Make a
    WordPress Website and Blog – From Scratch! next. Thank you so much for
    taking the time to help others in this quite often confusing

  16. Great!!Thank you so match!

  17. I have followed all the instructions up to the word press installation,and
    I’ve waited more than 10 hours up to now but still I’m not able to log on
    to my site. please help 

  18. Thanks for such a complete explanation on setting up a WP website!

  19. not sure why my feature photo’s buttons disappeared? they look square? can
    you help me fix this?

  20. Who does Chamath Perara have hosting with? I have Blue Host and it takes
    less than 5 minutes for the 1-click installation to occur. I would be
    furious if my install took more than 10 minutes. How might I help?

  21. Thank you very much for this video. You’ve made the steps very simple and
    easy to follow. How would you add a payment processor to site, e.g. Paypal
    buy buttons?

  22. Very brief and nice. 

  23. Great video, but can you change the color of the background and make it
    (the customize theme) have a darker look to it?

  24. Excellent! Thanks a lot!

  25. Just checking in to see if I update the Customizr theme to the most recent
    theme update, will this overwrite all the updates and customization I’ve
    done to our website as I followed your video. I don’t want to undo all my
    work in creating the website but I would like to have the most recent
    release of the Customizr theme if possible. Thanks in advance for your

  26. great video! thank you!!
    it is possible to change the circular shape of images into rectangular or
    square images?

  27. thank you for sharing.