May 032014

In Penny Dreadful Production Blog #1, we meet the producers of the series, get a glimpse into the set, and find out “what is a penny dreadful.” Penny Dreadfu…
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  1. I think you’ll find the best place too make Victorian London is in Cardiff,
    am I right fellow whovians!?

  2. There filming just down the road from me. I see them all the time Im a tour
    guide. I wonder if a ran over to Eva Green and said Hi im a baldy middle
    aged over weight man would you marry me I wonder if she would say yes? 

  3. Looks right up my alley. Too bad I don’t have showtime:(

  4. Beyond excited for this!

  5. Oh God, it looks really amazing! I love it already and can’t wait to watch

  6. This series looks AMAZING xD “Frankenstein” and ‘Dracula” are two of my
    favorite Gothic novels. Have not read “A Picture of Dorian Gary” yet but I
    look forward to! Can definitely tell this will be SCARY GOOD ;) 

  7. We just know our Greg will be all over this once it airs…

  8. looks AMAZINGGG!!! I never knew about these penny dreadfuls!

  9. can’t wait

  10. really want to see this because of Josh, Eva, and Billie.