May 182014

Get Free Help: In this all in one video we show you how to create a complete website using WordPress. You’ll also learn how to make a blo…
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  1. Hey Tyler,

    Great video but one question how do you remove an existing logo in a
    premium theme ?

  2. 2:04:30 The 10 Tips he gives.
    1:07:45 The site for logo creation – pixlr

  3. Amazing as always. I used the online store section and added to the website
    and blog I learned how to do in another of your tutorials. Clear, concise
    directions that have got me up to speed in an astonishingly short amount of

  4. Tyler, I am a big fan as well, and I was wondering do you have any thoughts
    on where to get the products for our web stores? I am overwhelmed with
    drop shipping and wholesalers etc I have a niche in mind and am having a
    hard time finding any products..

  5. can you help me to make a website for printing, like business cards
    Banners, flyers and more and if you know about any free script or something
    like WEB TO PRINT thank you and i will be so happy if you can help me out
    thank you for all your hard work

  6. I love Tyler’s tutorials.. You are so awesome!!!!!! Thanks

  7. Like your videos….I seen them all already!! Thanks

  8. Tyler you are a genius!

    I wish more people would love to share their expertise and not demand
    something in return! Really appreciate your work, thanks.

  9. Thanks again Tyler..your a life saver:)

  10. Hi Tyler, I don’t see the slider option on my infoway wordpress template.
    Is this only a feature of the site that you purchased? 

  11. Tyler, you are gifted!! Thanks for your efforts.

  12. You really don’t skip steps! You have helped me a lot!

  13. Great way to build your own web site or web business site!

  14. fofo !

  15. E nois David Ramos

  16. Amei.

  17. video aula 01 est logicas

  18. Professor continue assim! NOTA 10

  19. Aula perfeita, parabéns professor!!!!

  20. Muito bom! Valew professor! xD

  21. vai tentar para onde ?

  22. Show, me ajudou muito na minha prova de lógica no curso de sistemas de

  23. Inexplicavelmente EXCELENTE!!!!!!!!! EXCEPCIONAL!!!!!!! Professor nota

  24. Ou..ou é disjunção exclusiva, onde apenas uma das proposições sejam
    verdadeiras nunca ambas = VV e FF não são verdadeiras. Espero ter ajudado.

  25. Santo Antônio de Pádua RJ

  26. Também vou de B.

  27. Ótima aula. É o melhor professor de Raciocínio Lógico do Brasil.

  28. Muito bom.

  29. ótima!

  30. otimo professor, bakana a aula, so tem que melhorar o audio do video

  31. bem instrutivo!