Jun 202014

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

DrivingHistoryUSA.com is set to launch a major initiative to help people learn how to drive more safely during the summer, the company said yesterday.

Many people don’t realize it, but to be truly safe there are different driving techniques that a driver should employ during the summer than the winter, a DrivingHistoryUSA.com spokesman said. That’s not something they teach you at driving school. For that reason, we want to make an effort to provide this information ourselves. The more people know, the safer everyone is when they are on the road.

The guide will take the form of multiple targeted articles released through social media channels, posted on the site, and published on the DrivingHistoryUSA.com blog, he said.

Some of the information will concern how to maintain a car in the summer to help keep it safe and in good running order, he said. Other information will talk about different ways to drive in the summer. We think readers will be amazed at how different weather patterns can affect the way they should behave behind the wheel.

The guide has been put together with the help of driving professionals, he said. It has also been written in plain English, and does not use automotive jargon.

We want to put out the most accurate and helpful information possible, he said. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

About DrivingHistoryUSA.com:

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