Jun 242014

Brandi Rhodes (@RealEdenWWE) gives Bad News Barrett some “good” news and jokes around backstage with Cody & Dolph.

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  24 Responses to “Brandi Rhodes jokes around backstage – Video Blog: June 4, 2014”

  1. Soccer? Smh 

  2. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news England (my own country) will lose in the
    World Cup just look at their line up welbek up front

  3. Barrett and Cody saved this video big time 

  4. Are you people honestly going to argue about soccer/football. Let’s
    clarify: the US recognises the sport as the word “soccer”. Every other
    country recognises it as”football” or “futbol”. Now please stop arguing.

  5. Is brandi black or just really tan? Lol

  6. Football is when you use your foot to kick a ball. Therefore, American
    Football should be called ‘Hand Egg’ as they run around with an egg in
    their hands.

  7. Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler’s jokes don’t make sense and thats just me.

  8. US soccer
    = UK football

  9. As a US citizen, I think American Football should be called War Ball and
    soccer should be called futbol. Growing up I never understood why American
    Football was called football.

    I mean they almost never use tHeir feet. (+)

  10. #Ziggman.

  11. Wade Barrett is so cute 

  12. When she said soccer I actually facepalmed

  13. American Football makes no sense. You call it football, and almost the
    entire time you hold it in your hands. 

  14. Wade trying not to laugh is awesome.

  15. Brandi’s so freakin lucky like dayumm

  16. She looks like Jade from Little Mix but black

  17. Cody should just be himself and he would be fun to watch on TV

  18. Seems fun to be a WWE superstar. 

  19. Thank you BNB. Let brownie girl know that we do not need rubbish videos. 

  20. Wade Barrett gimmick is really awesome and he is a really good wrestler,
    every time i watch him i understand why is one of Vince Mcmahon favorite

  21. Cody’s joke about Eden and House Work was awesome! #NailedIt (I watch
    Grim’s toy show!!)

  22. Hola una pregunta en dado caso de otro modelo diferente como hago para
    cambiar las imagenes osea saber que numero es ? por que son muuchos numeros

  23. yo pongo 820 i no me sale ada

  24. Pregunta: ¿ cómo puedo hacer para que en la imagen principal, derive a un
    link del mismo blogger ? por ejemplo pinchar la imagen principal ( titulo
    1) y derivar a un enlace del mismo blog, saludos ojala hacer un tutorial
    sobre eso cosas mas especificas