Jun 222014

Some cool blogging images:

HTC Blogging for Business

Image by eschipul
HTC blogging for business panel

Full photo album available on the HTC site.


Image by bo.peter

Conference 2010 – Workshop, Blogging for Unionism

Image by DUP Photos
A picture from a workhshop held at the 2010 DUP Conference focusing on the role of blogging within poltics.

On the panel were Culture Minister Nelson McCausland, Geoff from Open Unionism and Lee from the Ultonia Blog.

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Jun 202014

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

DrivingHistoryUSA.com is set to launch a major initiative to help people learn how to drive more safely during the summer, the company said yesterday.

Many people don’t realize it, but to be truly safe there are different driving techniques that a driver should employ during the summer than the winter, a DrivingHistoryUSA.com spokesman said. That’s not something they teach you at driving school. For that reason, we want to make an effort to provide this information ourselves. The more people know, the safer everyone is when they are on the road.

The guide will take the form of multiple targeted articles released through social media channels, posted on the site, and published on the DrivingHistoryUSA.com blog, he said.

Some of the information will concern how to maintain a car in the summer to help keep it safe and in good running order, he said. Other information will talk about different ways to drive in the summer. We think readers will be amazed at how different weather patterns can affect the way they should behave behind the wheel.

The guide has been put together with the help of driving professionals, he said. It has also been written in plain English, and does not use automotive jargon.

We want to put out the most accurate and helpful information possible, he said. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

About DrivingHistoryUSA.com:

DrivingHistoryUSA.com driving records search provides instant information that details a person’s driving history of violations, suspension and more. With thousands of satisfied customers, DrivingHistoryUSA.com is a trusted source for driving record reports. Visit DrivingHistoryUSA.com to chat with a live representative, call 1-855-703-1140, or email Manager(at)DrivingHistoryUSA(dot)org with any questions or concerns.

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Jun 192014

Check out these blog images:

The Lincoln Memorial

Image by Stuck in Customs
I got this photo in a hurry. I bet I raised a few security alarms too because of my unusual behavior.

I didn’t have much time, so I had my wife drive nearby and park illegally on the curb for a few minutes. She wasn’t a fan of that, but let’s not talk about this right now. So, I jumped out of the car, hauled my tripod out of the trunk, and dashed across the green hill towards the memorial. I grabbed photos in a rushed way and dashed back to the car and sped away.

- Trey Ratcliff

Read more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

The Mysterious Rock of Wonder

Image by Stuck in Customs
The day in Death Valley was about 115 F (46 C). It wasn’t a dry heat either… there has been a lot of humidity here and there is flash lightning in the day and night. This location here took a lot of time, effort, and 4×4 to find. I took five gallons of water, a map, and some warnings from the place that rented the jeep that this area was inaccessible because of recent road wash-outs from rivers. Well, they were right! So getting the 4×4 over and trough the washed out rivers took many more hours than expected. I only suffered one minor injury when my head slammed into the rollbar during a clumsy maneuver. But finally, after I finally found this place I’ve always wanted to visit, it was late afternoon with plenty of time to hike around before night fell.

I look forward to your theories (from the boring to the surreal) of what makes these rocks move across the playa on their own!

- Trey Ratcliff

Click here to read the entire post over at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Blog (blue) and Wiki (red)

Image by Ross Mayfield
Interesting Google Trendline

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Jun 182014

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

Windstar Cruises new offer features the best value in small ship luxury cruising to Asia. Guests who book by August 27th will receive up to a $ 1,000 airfare credit per person, free hotel and transfers on arrival, a free exclusive Private Event, in addition to savings of up to 50% on cruise fare. Windstars Asia voyages, on board Star Pride, the companys newly acquired all-suite yacht, start at $ 3,599.

Small ship cruising is the perfect way to experience the Far East. Guests can enjoy the vibrant Asian culture during the day, and step back onto their private yacht at night to relax, said Hans Birkholz, Windstar Cruises chief executive officer. These voyages will feature our new Private Event, giving our guests an even deeper immersion in the local culture.

Windstars new Private Events are crafted with the local experience in mind to give guests an in-depth and authentic experience that compliments their voyage. Private Events featured on 2015 Asia voyages include:

Phuket: A Feast for the Senses: Featured on the Singapore & the Malay Peninsula voyage, guests will start the evening with a performance by local dancers and a Long Drum Parade, followed by dinner at the award-winning restaurant, Sala Bua (Pavilion of Lotus), overlooking the Andaman Sea, and a private performance of graceful Thai dance.
Hoi An: Dreams of Floating Lanterns: Featured on the Treasures of Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia Unveiled, and Southeast Asia Unveiled & Angkor Wat Cruisetour voyages guests will start the evening with a private performance of lion dancers, before dining in the beautiful Nam Long restaurant surrounded by lush gardens on the Thu Bon River. Floating lanterns gliding down the river accompanied by traditional music and dancers will add to the enchantment of the evening. Guests will also have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops of Vietnamese letter drawing, lantern-making, and wood-engraving.

For those wanting to extend their cruise vacation with a land experience, Windstar is launching its first-ever Cruisetour, which premieres in Asia. The Angkor Wat Cruisetour includes a 3-day journey to the ancient temples in Cambodia. The package can be added to Southeast Asia Unveiled, a 10-day voyage from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City. Starting at $ 5,299 per person, the Cruisetour includes airfare to or from Ho Chi Minh City, 2-night accommodations at the 5-star Le Meridien Angkor, a gourmet dinner with traditional Cambodian entertainment and dance performance, in addition to the cruise on board Star Pride, $ 1,000 airfare credit, and transfers.

From Singapore and the Malay Peninsula to Hong Kong and Vietnam, Windstar explores the best of Asia. Windstar features:

Best value in luxury travel: starting at $ 3,599 per person, guests receive complimentary transfers, one free hotel night, a spacious suite on Star Pride, Windstars first all-suite yacht, and a spectacular Private Event, created exclusively for Windstar guests.
In-depth local experiences: Windstar showcases local cultures and cuisines through expert guest lecturers and local entertainers who come on board every voyage.
Acclaimed itineraries: recognized for unique itineraries and authentic experiences, Windstars Singapore & the Malay Peninsula was recently showcased by Fodors as one of the Top 10 New Cruise Itineraries in 2014. Additionally, the line offers exclusive overnight experiences in both Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Da Nang.
Special access of small ship cruising: Windstar can get close enough for guests to experience these extraordinary places. Star Pride docks in city centers where larger ships cant go, including the center of Hong Kong, the center of Penang, and the center in Halong Bay where junks come right alongside for guests to board from the deck of the yacht.
Convenience and ease of travel: Windstars combination of small ship luxury and world-class service on board and on shore brings peace of mind when exploring new countries.

To learn more about the featured voyages and take advantage of Windstars Asia offer, contact a travel professional, visit the website or call Windstar Cruises at 800-258-7245.

About Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of small luxury cruise ships known for its intimate yacht style experience and unique voyages to the worlds best small ports and hidden harbors. Its three recently renovated sailing yachts carry just 148 to 310 guests and cruise to 50 nations, calling at 150 ports throughout Europe, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and Central America. In May of 2014, Windstar launched Star Pride, the first of three newly acquired yachts. In May of 2015 the company will launch Star Breeze and Star Legend. The yachts, with a capacity of 212 guests each, will double the size of Windstars fleet, making the company the market leader in small ship cruising with 300 or fewer passengers, with a total of 1,242 berths. The additional capacity will open up new itineraries such as voyages to Southeast Asia, Arabia, Iceland, and beyond. Windstar was recently listed on Cond

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